Memorable Business Mascots That Stand Out

business mascots in logosBusiness mascots are one of the most valuable company assets. A business mascot is not like a logo but more like a long-term employee or corporate representative that the general public relates to and associates with any given company. In fact it is the longest term and most cost effective employee your company will ever have working for it! Your business mascot should be someone or a character that you can be comfortable with for the life of your business because changing mascots or rebranding a mascot with different values or an image can be confusing for the public. For example, Morris the Cat, the business mascot for 9 lives, has worked for the company for a long time and is well tied to the company and its brand. Customers associate the mascot and its qualities with the company and their product.

Using an incorrect mascot may lead to an incorrect perceived public perception in regards to a company, its brand and products. For example, a snail may be the incorrect image for a sports car mascot or a pig smoking a cigar may convey the wrong messages for a healthy choice bacon option. The attitudes as well as the image of the mascot must match the companies values and intended message in order to be as success as possible in conveying the correct image.

A mistake may be made by executive management if they do not consider the potential perception the public may have towards the business mascot because it’s their opinions that matter. Sometimes decision makers, including business owners, view the world through their eyes but it’s the eyes of the intended audience that matters, therefore, profiling the target audience and getting inside their mind is important to ensure that their perception is likely to match your intent, your business mascot encapsulates their values and a connection is formed.

Another key consideration is to be original when thinking of a mascot for your business. It is important that people uniquely identify your business mascot with your business, brand and products. Consider your mascots accent items and accessories too such as clothing, hand held items, etc. as those items also play a factor in reflecting attitudes and values.

Business Mascots

Mascots for businesses are plentiful but there are a few that strongly stand out and are some of the most memorable. Some of the most memorable business mascots are the KOOL-AID MAN, the Fruit of the Loom Guys, The Keebler Elves, Tony the Tiger, Mr. Peanut the business mascot for Planters Peanuts, The Jolly Green Giant and so forth. These popular business mascots are deeply engraved into the minds of consumers and strongly tied to their respective companies and brands. More importantly when consumers generally think of these companies products or market offerings they think of the mascot and thus some of the associated traits. For example, it’s easy to think of Kool-Aid as a fun, cool and refreshing drink when thinking of the Kool-Aid man.

Sometimes character mascots are used in logos for businesses. Often using a mascot in a business logo brings it closer to the consumer’s eye and in closer association with the company.  If a mascot is not a prominent figure then it may not be seen or identified with by as many consumers and may not be as effective as possible in working for your business. Here is an example of a character mascot in a logo:

Mascot Logo - Yard And Lawncare

There are many low cost tools and mascot maker studio kits available to help people create professional business mascots. Sometimes hiring a graphic artist to create your mascot based on a description is a good choice but sometimes looking at self-help tools to create mascots may be a good, fast, low cost option. Budget is sometimes a key consideration for entrepreneurs, sole proprietorships and small sized businesses. For example, someone operating a small home gardening business may simply need a female gardener to be their character mascot for use on their business cards, car decals, website and marketing material.

These are only a few of the most memorable company mascots and some tips to create a business mascot but there are many more examples and tips. The examples of mascots outlined are good references and each exemplifies the qualities, values, characteristics and personality traits that the public should perceive when thinking about the company, its brand and products. It may be a good time to create your own business mascot!