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Frequently Asked Questions

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I Never Received My Login Information

Whenever you place an order from us we send you a welcome email with your order info and login details immediately.

Please check your email inbox and spam folder for an email from us at “Mascot Maker Studio”. This email was sent to the Contact Email that you specified when ordering.

If our welcome email does not arrive within 30 minutes after placing your order then please contact us and we will help.

I Need Help Using These Products and Graphics!

In some cases we provide easy to understand and comprehensive training videos with our products to offer customers learning support. Some mascot and graphic products we offer are simple and can easily be used but some may require minor guidance making customizations. For example if you were new to Photoshop you may find a training video on hiding/showing layers helpful for some of our mascot creator products.

Another option is to outsource some work to freelancers to have them create your brochures, product package samples, T-Shirt designs, Facebook headers, logos and other creative works using our products. We recommend FiveStead, a micro job community and marketplace, for outsourcing creative work.

We specialize in creating graphic and mascot products and that is what we do best!

Can I Use These Products and Graphics For Client Work?

Each product comes with its own license. In some cases a product may offer different licensing options that you can choose to purchase. We understand everyone has unique needs and we try to accommodate different types of customers via our licensing options.

In most cases the products and graphics you buy come with developer rights to enable you to use them on client projects to make money! But always check and adhere to the licensing terms that are listed on the product details page and/or included inside the product download package.

Following licensing terms ensures everyone is happy!

Should I Share My Account Information?

Never share your username and password with anyone, even people you may hire to do work for you. Your account information is confidential and should only be used by you.

Under no circumstances should you ever share your account information with anyone.